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Jan Foryś

Client: Huawei

Agency: DDB Warsaw

Client: 3M

Agency: BBDO Warsaw

Client: USP Zdrowie

Dir Duo: FORYŚ vs ZAŁuska

Client: WSP Społem Kielce

Agency: Optima Marketing Group

Client: McDonald’s

Agency: DDB Warsaw

Client: Fundacja Mali Bracia Ubogich

Agency: BBDO Warsaw

Client: Grupa OLX

Agency: JUNG v MATT

Client: Bielmar

Agency: 19°POŁUDNIK

Client: Jack Daniel’s

Agency: Isobar

Client: MS Fight for Yourself

Agency: Telescope

Client: Grand Video Awards

Dir Duo: Foryś vs Załuska

Client: Festiwal Przemiany

Dir Duo: Foryś vs Załuska

You’re a pilot. Is it more exciting than directing and why not?

Flying is boring but real directing is exciting yet unreal.

What does your mum think about your job?

She thinks all I do is shout „ACTION!” and sign invoices.

If you were given a slot during the Super Bowl, which of your commercials would you fill it with?

HUAWEI FLY – funny and with the twist in the end – exactly the same as life is.

Would you be happy if your kids want to follow in your footsteps?

Would be the most happy if they follow their own plans and find happiness.